Shipping and Handling Requirements

North Wright Airways is committed to handling all your important documents and materials with the utmost care, but to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that it is packaged appropriately, identified, and labeled. Failure to do so may result in damage to goods. North-Wright will not be held responsible for goods that have been damaged due to improper packaging and incorrect label or identification. We reserve the right to refuse any freight that does not follow packaging or labeling requirements.

If you have any issues or concerns, or if you would like to claim for lost/damage or delayed baggage or cargo, please click here.

Proper Labels

Prior to shipping, make sure to indicate on the box, the appropriate special handling needed to protect your items. Example of Handing Labels: Cooler, Freezer, Dry Goods, This Way Up, Fragile, Handle with Care, Protect from Heat, etc.

No More Plastic Bags

Protect your items by placing them in a suitable box, luggage bag, or container. Ensure the times are properly packaged and that the box or container is in good condition to handle the items while in transit. For appliances, equipment, or tools that need to be handled with care, the box interior must be wrapped in foam

Notify us of Any Perishables

Ensure the agent is informed that the items in the box or container are perishables. Temperature-sensitive items must be separately contained, boxed, and labeled. This should not be mixed with any other items. Due to limited refrigeration facilities at our stations, all perishable items should be properly packaged to maintain optimum internal temperatures while in our care.

Declare Any Dangerous Goods

Your safety is our priority. Cargo shipments will be inspected for Dangerous Goods as per Company Policy. For more information on Dangerous Goods, please click this link.


Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a locked opaque container or in a rigid container. They must also be rendered inoperative by means of a safety interlock device. Ammunition must be packaged in accordance with current hazardous materials regulations and separately from the firearm.

For more information on how to package your shipment, please contact our Cargo Office at or 867-587-2288.