NWA Supports Arctic Inspiration Prize Winner

The Dene Heroes Publication, a project that builds literacy and leadership skills among the Indigenous Youth, are among the eight teams from across Canada’s North that were awarded for their innovative projects to improve the quality of life in the communities.

In coordination with project leader, Mary-Anne Neal, North-Wright Airways has been supporting the publication since last year by giving them discounted tickets in their travel within the Sahtu Region and will continue to support the publication and the message that it is trying to portray. We hope that this project will continue inspire the youth all throughout the communities.

Dakota Orlias and Susan Wright with the Dene Heroes Books Volume 1 and 2



  1. Soniya  February 7, 2019

    I have worked for NWA for about 4 years and I must say one of the most incredible and memorable time of my career. They always have contributed a fair share to help other communities be it a charter flight for youth, elders, tourism , freight for donation or any other event. It is a family owned business and that is why they treat their employees and the community like a family. Especially Travis and Susan, these 2 are extremely kind, grounded and helpful to the surrounding communties in every possible way they can. Truly worth and rewarding working at NWA. Great team to
    work with. I miss you all 🙂

    • Felize Candia  May 15, 2019

      Thanks Soniya!

  2. Pets Blog  February 9, 2019

    Very nice article, totally what I needed.

    • Felize Candia  March 7, 2019



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