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Ten Stone Mountain Lodge

Ten Stone Mountain Lodge was built by the team at North-Wright Airways over three summers from 2016-2019. The lodge sits on a unique lake at the intersection of many mountain valleys and several unnamed peaks. The land here is so untamed and remote, palpably so. As you can imagine, building the cabin was no small feat.

For a summer, three men, skilled builders, friends, and journeymen in their own right, spent three months living in the Mackenzies. They spent their days’ timber framing and sipping whiskey under the midnight sun. The Twin Otter would regularly land to replenish their supplies. Groceries and lumber were hauled in as they built this little masterpiece.

When you set foot in the lodge, the skill, attention to detail, and pure love they wove into the woodwork shines through. Today Ten Stone persists, waiting for the next lucky visitor to breathe that alpine air in the Mackenzies.