General Cargo Information

North-Wright’s flight network offers northern communities the opportunity to send or receive a variety of freight options. Our versatile fleet allows us to accommodate all types of cargo from equipment, groceries, medical items, and bulk shipments.

Our cargo services are offered to the following communities: Yellowknife, Norman Wells, Inuvik, Deline, Fort Good Hope, Tulita, Colville Lake and Aklaivk.

For cargo inquiries or to get a quote:

867-587-2288 (Option 4)

On-demand cargo charters are also available by emailing

Priority Cargo

Priority Cargo is preferred ahead of general cargo and will be sent on the next available flight with cargo space.

The following items are automatically considered a priority:

  • Blood Shipments
  • Medical Supplies
  • Live Animals
  • Firearms
  • Take Out Food

A minimum charge will apply. All rates are subject to a Nav Canada fee and GST. For rates in each community, please get in touch with our cargo department.

General Cargo

General Cargo Service is a reliable and cost-effective way to ship your freight with North-Wright. General Cargo is sent on space available after customer baggage, excess baggage, and Priority Cargo have been boarded.

A minimum charge will apply. All rates are subject to a Nav Canada fee and GST. For rates in each community, please get in touch with our cargo department.

Envelope Service

This service is available in all North Wright Airways destinations. The item must weigh less than 2 lbs and fit in a standard mailbox. For more information, please get in touch with our Cargo Office.

Cargo Charters

This service is available for moving and shipping large amounts of cargo, which could be anything from drum haul and gas deliveries to camp or rig moves.

North Wright Airways is committed to handling all your important documents and materials with the utmost care, but to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that it is packaged appropriately, identified, and labeled. Failure to do so may result in damage to goods. North-Wright will not be held responsible for goods damaged due to improper packaging and incorrect label or identification. We reserve the right to refuse any freight that does not follow packaging or labeling requirements.

If you have any issues or concerns, or if you would like to claim for lost/damaged or delayed baggage or cargo, please fill out THIS FORM.

Proper Labels: Before shipping, indicate on the box the appropriate special handling needed to protect your items. Examples of Handing Labels: Cooler, Freezer, Dry Goods, This Way Up, Fragile, Handle with Care, Protect from Heat, etc.

No More Plastic Bags: Protect your items by placing them in a suitable box, luggage bag, or container. Ensure the times are properly packaged and the box or container is in good condition to handle the items while in transit. For appliances, equipment, or tools that need to be handled with care, the box interior must be wrapped in foam.

Notify Us of Any Perishables: Ensure the agent is informed that the items in the box or container are perishables. Temperature-sensitive items must be separately contained, boxed, and labeled. This should not be mixed with any other items. Due to limited refrigeration facilities at our stations, all perishable items should be properly packaged to maintain optimum internal temperatures while in our care.

Declare Any Dangerous Goods: Your safety is our priority. Cargo shipments will be inspected for Dangerous Goods as per Company Policy.

Firearms: Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a locked opaque, or rigid container. They must also be rendered inoperative using a safety interlock device. Ammunition must be packaged in accordance with current hazardous materials regulations and separately from the firearm.

For more information on how to package your shipment, please contact our Cargo Office.

North Wright Airways permits the shipment of dangerous goods. All dangerous goods are subject to a $50 handling fee and require 24 hours to process before they can be shipped.

North Wright Air will no longer accept UN3480/3481 Lithium Ion Batteries for transport on passenger aircraft. These items must be shipped on cargo-only aircraft.

A shipper must comply fully with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Transport Canada Dangerous Goods regulations when offering a consignment of dangerous goods. In addition, shippers must comply with any applicable regulations set forth by the country of origin, transit, and destinations. Before any package of dangerous goods is offered for transportation by air, the shipper must comply with the following specific responsibilities:

  • International regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.
  • The shipper must ensure that the articles or substances are not prohibited for transportation by air.
  • The articles or substances must be properly identified, classified, packed, marked, labeled, documented, and in the condition for transport in accordance with IATA regulations. Failure to do so will result in a refusal of shipment. The shipper may be charged for any services already rendered.
  • Before a consignment of dangerous goods can be offered for transport, all relevant persons involved in its preparation must have received training to enable them to carry out their responsibilities.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine if dangerous goods are in their cargo and if so to declare them to the carrier by way of a properly completed IATA Shipper’s Declaration. Not declaring dangerous goods is a serious offense under federal law and is the shipper’s responsibility.

Every person who contravenes or fails to comply with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act is guilty of:

  • An offense punishable on summary conviction and liable to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand dollars for a first offense, and not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars for each subsequent offense; or
  • An indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

For further information on shipping dangerous goods or for information regarding obtaining the services of a dangerous goods consultant please contact North Wright Air Cargo.

To avoid the risk of discomfort, or even injury of live animals, North Wright Airways has joined other airlines throughout the world in adopting the container guidelines provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Shipments are sent through priority shipping which is not guaranteed on a flight but is processed as space becomes available, being prioritized ahead of General Cargo.

Traveling with Pets (Carry-On): Passengers can now carry their small pets as carry-on baggage. The only aircraft that allows carry-on or un-checked baggage is the Beech 1900D. A carriage fee of $25 will be charged on top of the ticket purchased. The maximum weight limit is 10 lbs (pet & kennel combined). Excess baggage fees with be applied if your total baggage and pet weight is over 60 lbs. We require up to 48 hours’ advanced notice should you want to travel with your pet as a carry-on.

Traveling with Pets (Checked Baggage): Passengers that travel with their pets as checked baggage must pay a $100 carriage fee on top of the ticket price. An excess baggage fee will be applied if your total baggage and pet weight is over 60 lbs. The maximum weight limit for pets as checked baggage is 100 lbs (per & kennel combined). If your pet is over 100 lbs, you must ship it as Cargo. We require up to 48 hours’ advanced notice should you want to travel with your pet as checked baggage.

Pets Over 100lbs: If the pet traveling is over the weight limit, North-Wright will need to ship it as Cargo. The LIVE ANIMAL fee will be charged if the pet is over 100 lbs. We require up to 48 hours’ advanced notice should you want to travel with your pet.

Pets Shipped as Cargo: If you are looking to ship your pet as Cargo, you will need to provide our Cargo Office up to 48 hours of advance notice prior to the shipment date.


Cats and dogs are the most transported animals, and the type of kennel prescribed for them is the Type 1 Kennel (a rigid container). It may be made of hard plastic, metal, or plywood. The door must be the original door designed for the kennel and must be of metal construction. All hardware for the kennel must be present; if it is not secure, it will not be accepted. Wire kennels are forbidden.

When planning a route for transporting your animal, the most direct route with the shortest possible layover is important. North Wright Air staff will be careful to ensure a quick as a possible connection to minimize any stress upon your animal. They will also be vigilant regarding weather concerns and unexpected delays that could prohibit the acceptance of the animal.

Shippers are responsible for the cost of kenneling in the event of a delay on route or release (i.e., the consignee fails to show up). North-Wright cannot keep any live animals in any of the facilities.

Additional Tips

  • Your animal(s) should eat a light meal and drink at least two to three hours before departure.

  • Exercise your animal immediately before leaving for the airport.

North Wright Air is not responsible for the loss, delay, injury, sickness, or death of any pet or animal accepted for transportation.

For the sake of the safety and comfort of animals, North-Wright Air will not waive any standards.

Looking to receive your online order quicker? Simply have it sent to the North-Wright Cargo Office in Yellowknife, and we will forward your order to your community.

  1. Place your order online.
  2. When checking out, make sure you complete the following:
    • Your Name with C/O North-Wright Airways
    • Included a phone number for us to call you
    • Have your item shipped to: 111 McMillian Street, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3T2
  3. Email your completed order to
    • North-Wright will use the tracking information to verify the shipment when it arrives.
    • Ensure you include, your name, phone number, and community.
  4. Once your order has arrived at North-Wright. We will call you for payment and place the order in the shipping queue.
    • All freight will be shipped at the general cargo rate unless otherwise specified.
  5. For questions about shipping, please call North-Wright Cargo Yellowknife at 1-867-920-4287

Terms and Conditions:

  1. There is a minimum shipping charge. Taxes + fees are extra.
  2. Dangerous goods are not accepted (ex., lithium-ion batteries).
  3. No Separate orders. NWA will not wait for a combination of packages. Orders will be processed when they arrive.
  4. All items must be delivered to North-Wright in Yellowknife at the above address.
  5. If items are not paid for within 72 hours they are returned to sender.