The North is one of the last places in Canada where you can experience true wilderness, fly over vast and beautiful landscapes and terrain, and meet people who will last in your memory for life. North-Wright Airways offers a rewarding and busy work environment where your skills are honed as a pilot or aircraft maintenance engineer. Apply with North-Wright Airways and come work with our team of excellent pilots, engineers, and administration staff and experience a workplace that is so remote, so wild, and so memorable! 


Current Opportunities:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Rotational

Beechcraft 1900 Captain – Rotational 

Quality Control Coordinator


As a diverse and inclusive employer, we encourage all qualified and interested candidates to submit their resume. Click “Apply Here” to submit your application today!


At North-Wright Airways, the incredibly diverse fleet means that you can specialize your career path to reflect what you would like to experience! If you are a pilot who is all about adventure and unique flying experiences, you have an ability to take the bush flying stream and fly around on tundra tires, floats and skis, everywhere from the majestic Mackenzie Mountains to the Arctic Coast. Or, if you’d like to still have a unique flying experience but you’d rather choose the commuter style flying, you will be busy flying airport to airport on our Beechcraft 1900’s. At North-Wright Airways, you can compliment both of these streams with single engine piston or turbine flying with our Caravan’s or Cessna 206’s or 207’s. Our diverse fleet will make you a diverse pilot with loads of experience!


Imagine a workplace where you have endless learning opportunities on a diverse fleet of aircraft and where you can hone your skills as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice alongside an awesome crew of AME’s. At North-Wright Airways, graduates from AME programs come work to gain valuable experience and knowledge on pistons and turbines as they work towards their M1 license. The maintenance team environment is energizing, knowledgeable and highly professional.