Accessibility Plan

North-Wright Airways Full Accessibility Plan

1. Definitions

Some terms used throughout this document have been incorporated from the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). The full version of the ACA can be found by following this link:

Accessibility – defined as practice to provide services, programs, policies and facilities that may be accessible by all persons.

ACA – Accessible Canada Act is federal act that governs the requirements for employers and carriers in relation to the accessibility guidelines.

Barrier – means anything — including anything physical, architectural, technological or attitudinal, anything that is based on information or communications or anything that is the result of a policy or a practice — that hinders the full and equal participation in society of persons with an impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment or a functional limitation.

Disability – means any impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment — or a functional limitation — whether permanent, temporary or episodic in nature, or evident or not, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders a person’s full and equal participation in society.

2. General

The Operations Manager is designated to receive feedback on behalf of North-Wright Airways. The Operations Manager may be contacted by email, telephone, or mail.

Operations Manager +1 867- 587-2288 EXT. 1008

Online Feedback Form

You may submit your feedback online through our satisfaction survey: This form may be submitted anonymously.

Accessibility feedback email

You may also submit your feedback by mail to:

Operations Manager Bag Service 2200, Norman Wells, NT, X0E 0V0 (867) 587-2962 (Fax) +1 (867) 587-2288 (ext. 1008)

Feedback can be submitted anonymously. If opting for anonymity, please refrain from providing any personal identifying details, including your name or return mailing address on the envelope if sending feedback via mail.

North-Wright Airways will acknowledge receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, in the same manner in which it was received.

North-Wright Airways will provide the following alternative formats of this plan:

print, large print, braille, audio format, or an electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology that is intended to assist persons with disabilities.

You can request alternative formats of this plan, and a description of our feedback process by contacting us at or 867-587-2288 EXT. 1008.

3. Executive Summary

At North-Wright Airways, our dedication to foster a welcoming environment extends to ensuring accessibility for all, whether you are a passenger or a member of our team. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, we prioritize compliance with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

This commitment involves not only removing barriers that hinder individuals with disabilities from traveling or working with us but also designing our accessibility plan in consultation with various firms specializing in developing strategies aimed towards making Canada more inclusive & accessible for all. By incorporating insights from experts in this matter, we aim to enhance our efforts in making our services and job opportunities accessible to everyone.

4. Accessibility Statement

North-Wright Airways recognizes the needs and importance of an accessible environment for our employees, customers and clients. We are actively seeking continuous improvement of the accessibility level in the services provided to our customers and offered employment opportunities. It is our goal to ensure that we are constantly participating in implementing new strategies to reduce barriers for persons with disabilities.

Our accessibility plan outlines our company policies and approach, identified barriers and defined a plan for removing those barriers. We will continuously strive to progress in our efforts to take action and make our services and workplace more accommodating.

Travis Wright – Accountable Executive

5. Employment

North-Wright Airways employs under 100 individuals, the majority of which are stationed at our headquarters location in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories. North-Wright Airways is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, striving to cultivate a supportive, accessible, and fulfilling workplace environment that values and acknowledges the distinctive contributions of its staff to the company’s achievements.

5.1 Identified Barriers

Attitudinal Barriers: Overcoming biases and changing perceptions among our clients, prospective candidates, and employees regarding individuals with disabilities.

Complex Job Advertisements: Ensuring clarity and accessibility advertisements to better reach and engage prospective candidates.

5.2 Ongoing Actions

Expressing our commitment to diversity and inclusion by including a statement in all our job advertisements. It is a key step in fostering an environment where prospective employees feel encouraged to apply and reaffirm our values to our customers, partners, and community members.

Reviewing and revising job descriptions for all roles within North-Wright Airways. This endeavor is intended to foster a more transparent comprehension of job responsibilities and duties by using plain language to ensure clarity.

5.3 Goals for Improvement

Develop more robust policies and procedures to appropriately collect feedback on accessibility and accommodations through all stages of employment.

North Wright-Airways will collaborate with employment specialists to enhance our hiring processes for individuals with disabilities.

Launch training for recruiters and managers on accommodations and accessibility awareness to ensure our staff is equipped with the knowledge necessary to make positive and impactful decisions, creating a better place to work.

6. Built Environment

North-Wright Airways is striving to create an accessible environment for their customers and employees. Our team is continuously engaged in receiving feedback from our customers, employees, and other organizations with the intent to advance the built environment by removing barriers for persons with disabilities.

6.1 Identified Barriers

Airport Facilities: Mobility in the passenger terminal presents a barrier for some persons with disabilities. Signage with complex verbiage and structure may present issues for interpreting important information during air travel.

Our Fleet: Due to the nature of regional air travel, company aircraft may have limited wheelchair and mobility aid accessibility.

Workplace: Not all areas of the company workplace are accessible by mobility aid.

6.2 Ongoing Actions

All departure points across the scheduled services network are equipped with wheelchairs that will be provided for customers requiring such accommodation.

North-Wright Airways is committed to providing boarding and deplaning assistance for passengers requiring mobility aid. While our check-in staff receives training in assisting persons with disability, we are aiming to continuously enhance and advance the educational material and company procedures to reduce the physical barriers that our passengers may be exposed to.

6.3 Goals for Improvement

While aiming to accommodate the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities, we are committed to:

Addressing the needs of employees to have a workplace, including personal service areas (i.e., lunchroom, bathroom), accessible by wheelchair or other mobility aids.

Continuously review all facilities, hangars, offices and other workspaces, within North-Wright Airways’ control, to identify any accessibility barriers that may exist in the built environment. Identified barriers will be assessed and recommended changes will be considered with all renovations or design changes that the company may undergo.

7. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

We understand the critical importance of ensuring that our telecommunication systems, computer networks, and websites are accessible to everyone.

Our organization aims to adapt accessibility tools that will assist persons with disabilities when navigating our website and interpreting the applicable content.

Alternatively to the company website, customers and employees are able to contact North-Wright Airways through a direct phone line, which simplifies access to a trained live agent who is able to provide assistance with the offered services.

7.1 Identified Barriers

Company Website: The absence of essential information in accessible formats on our website presents a barrier to customers who rely on assistive technologies. Users with disabilities face challenges navigating our website due to its limited accessibility features.

Learning Management Software (LMS): Online platform used for employees training and orientation does have some accessibility features. Some of the company courses are available with closed captioning, however this does not extend to all courses.

7.2 Ongoing Actions

In cases where our customers are not able to access our services or receive applicable information online, we provide a phone line that can be easily used to reach our live agents.

Our current LMS is partially containing training materials with closed captioning features and is designed to be responsive to browser zoom.

7.3 Goals for Improvement

Improving website accessibility by leveraging insights gathered from consultations with companies specialized in accessibility design.

Ensuring our website utilizes plain language to enhance accessibility for all users. Develop learning modules in alternate formats such as audio or video.

Improving our communications compatibility with assistive technologies.

8. Communications Other Than ICT

North-Wright Airways acknowledges that it is vital to ensure that all of our customers and employees are able to easily communicate with the company representatives by various means. The company is committed to making all efforts to ensure that the present barriers in communications are identified and there is a plan to address them.

8.1 Identified Barriers

Arranging the Travel: It was identified that, while our check-in and customer service agents receive Assisting Persons with Disabilities Training, passengers may have challenges when making ticket reservations, accessing other company services or seeking information about their travel.

Communications during Travel: Passengers may have challenges with interpreting important information during their travel if the announcements are not made using plain language. Complex signage may also present a challenge in interpretation.

Passenger Briefing: With the passenger briefing delivered through a combination of in-person and audio methods, some individuals with disabilities may have challenges with interpreting the briefing in full. Printed safety briefing cards may be a barrier for passengers requiring these documents in braille.

Employment: Attitudes towards persons with disabilities may present a barrier during in-person or other methods of communications. This may lead to poor communication practices, barriers in employment opportunities and inability of such persons to communicate safety critical information.

8.2 Ongoing Actions

Providing our company employees with accommodation that will meet their specific needs during initial orientation and throughout the course of employment.

As a part of our mandatory safety orientation employees are able to disclose that they may require assistance during emergency evacuation. Such a step allows the company to account for employee accommodations in advance.

Our check-in, customer service and reservations agents receive training on how to assist passengers with disabilities and are trained to inquire regarding necessary accommodations.

8.3 Goals for Improvement

Develop or outsource more advanced accessibility training for check-in agents, customer service agents and other applicable staff. By doing so we are striving to improve communication with our customers and employees.

Provide safety briefing cards in alternate formats.

Review communication practices with customers and employees to ensure that plain language is utilized.

9. Procurement of Goods, Services, and Facilities

North-Wright Airways strives to consider accessibility needs when procuring applicable services or goods for its operations. We acknowledge that in order to provide accessible services, it is in our utmost interest to consider accessibility needs at the process of selection and procurement of goods, services and facilities.

9.1 Identified Barriers

Accessibility Considerations: A major barrier during the procurement process may include appropriate selection of services or goods without considering the accessibility needs of customers and employees. Thorough consultations and reviews are required in order to increase awareness of the decision-making personnel at the purchasing phase.

9.2 Goals for Improvement

Senior management at North-Wright Airways will be actively engaged in the accessibility awareness training to enhance accessibility considerations at the procurement stage.

Goods, services or facilities will be assessed for accessibility needs when the selection assessment is completed.

10. Design and Delivery of Programs and Services

North-Wright Airways is actively engaged in providing accessible means for air travel and equal employment participation. We are actively seeking new methods for designing our services, programs and facilities to accommodate everyone’s needs.

10.1 Identified Barriers

Standardized Approach: We are currently addressing the challenge of establishing a standardized approach to ensure that all of our programs, processes, and services prioritize accessibility in their design.

Training Programs: We recognize the need to improve and provide dedicated programs and training to raise awareness about accommodating diverse needs during the employment process.

Air Travel: The regional air travel service does have various barriers for persons with disabilities. The design and size of the aircraft and facilities present a challenge to persons using mobility aid or other assistive devices.

10.2 Ongoing Actions

Some examples of our accommodations for persons with disabilities include:

Providing mobility aid to assist persons with disabilities to travel to and from the aircraft.

Assistance with check-in, boarding and disembarking the aircraft by our trained check-in agents.

Accommodating people travelling with medical oxygen on board our aircraft.

Accommodating persons requiring travel with support persons.

Providing ability to travel with a service animal, as defined in our passenger tariff manual, at no additional cost where conditions permit.

Transporting mobility aids at no additional costs where conditions permit.

Posting information related to our flights using plain language.

10.2 Goals for Improvement

Ongoing review of internal training, policies, and procedures to ensure they are delivered in plain language where necessary and are accessible in more than a singular format.

Conduct initial check-ins with new employees to determine if any accommodations required are achieving the desired result, or if there are any recommendations for improvement.

Implementation of mandatory workplace accommodation training for managerial and supervisory roles.

Establishment of a workplace accommodation request form for employees seeking assistance or voluntarily requesting accommodation through proper channels.

Conducting a review of the accessibility needs for those travelling onboard the aircraft and utilizing company facilities.

11. Transportation

It is essential to ensure that the customers and employees with disabilities are able to access safe and adaptable methods of transportation to access our services or workplace. We acknowledge the challenges that are present within the scope of our operations and will strive to remove and prevent barriers.

11.1 Identified Barriers

Before/After the Air Travel: Passengers requiring mobility aids to be transported to and from the aircraft may experience challenges in communities that are not wheelchair accessible or do not have a mobility aid. Signage and markings at the terminal may present challenges for the passenger travelling to and from the aircraft if presented using complex language or acronyms.

Employment: Workers transportation to the workplace presents barriers related to modes of transportation offered, such as company vehicles. Additionally, transportation for employees requiring mobility aids may be limited by the built environment.

11.2 Ongoing Actions

North-Wright Airways commits to provide mobility aids at every destination through the scheduled network.

North-Wright Airways agents are committed to provide assistance at every phase of the travel journey to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.

Simplifying all markings and directions for easy interpretation.

11.3 Goals for Improvement

Audit the transportation methods provided to our employees to ensure that we are able to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.

12. Applicable Legislations

All of our customers and employees are entitled to the standards of treatment prescribed by Acts and Regulations relating to air transportation and employment. This section contains a list of legislations that prescribe requirements for North-Wright Airways accessibility plan and guidelines.

Accessible Canada Act –

Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations –

Accessible Canada Regulations –

Canada Transportation Act –

Air Passenger Protection Regulations –

Personnel Training for the Assistance of Persons with Disabilities Regulations –

Air Transportation Regulations –

13. Consultations

North-Wright Airways will continuously communicate with persons with disabilities both internally and externally. We value the continuous feedback and contribution received from our customers, employees and other stakeholders in our operations.

For the purposes of identifying barriers and outlining this plan, we have consulted with various agencies that represent persons with disabilities. Such consultations sessions revealed barriers that are present within our services and workplaces.

We will continuously commit to collect the feedback through performing internal and external surveys, processing the feedback submitted by our customers and collaborating with external agencies.

North-Wright Airways endeavors promoting several methods of consultations to receive your valued feedback with the ultimate goal of improving the environment that we create for everyone interacting with our organization.

14. Conclusion

At North-Wright Airways, we are dedicated to making air travel and employment more accessible for everyone. We are committed to breaking down any barriers that might make it difficult for our customers, employees, and community members to access our services.

We are always striving to make sure everyone feels welcome and included when they choose North-Wright Airways.