Board of Directors

Warren Wright

Warren has 40 years experience in the aircraft industry with over 24,000 hours as a pilot and also is a Certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. His ability as a pilot and a maintenance engineer, his vision, professionalism and work ethic provide the company with the direction and high standards required for today and the future.

Carolyn Wright - Vice-President

Carolyn has 25 years management experience, critical to the success of the North-Wright business. Her current role is manager of tourism development and financial administration. Carolyn plays a major role in creating the personalized approach that North-Wright delivers to both its staff and clients.

Andrew Bailes - Manager of Business Development/Chief Pilot

Andrew has 20 years experience in the industry with over 10,000 flying hours. He is currently the Chief Pilot and is also North Wright's Check Pilot. He has 25 years of sales experience and has spent time flying Airbus transport jets. Andrew's management role includes customer relations, sales, public relations, operational planning.

Heather Bourassa - Yamoga Land Corp Delegate

Originally from Fort Good Hope, a business entrepreneur and a private pilot representing the Yamoga Land Corporation interest in the North-Wright Airways Corporation.

Leonard Kenny - Deline First Nations

Leonard is originally from Deline, a member of the Deline Land Corporation and a previous Economic Development Officer. He is now the Chief for the Deline First Nation band.

Danny Gaudet - Chairman of the Board

Danny is the chief negotiator for the Deline Self Government team. He was instrumental in putting together the North-Wright / Deline Land Corporation partnership. Danny was born and raised in Deline and is a volunteer for many community events in Deline and the Sahtu. He is the owner of Deline Construction Company.